Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Only two big surprises this week, the Browns beat the Saints and the Raiders blow out the Broncos. Other than that things went as many thought they would. With that said here are my week 8 NFL power rankings:

  1. Jets (even from last week)- They look like the best team right now
  2. Steelers (+1)- Big Ben has been great in his return
  3. Patriots (-1)- they have been struggling to beat teams of late
  4. Falcons (+3)- leading the NFL is passing yards
  5. Ravens (+1)- won an ugly one over the Bills
  6. Titans (+7)- on a 3 game winning streak
  7. Giants (+1)- on a four game winning streak
  8. Colts (-4)- Lose TE Clark for the year
  9. Texans (+1)- at 3-3 at the Colts might be a must win
  10. Saints (-5)- How did they lose to the upstart Browns
  11. Packers (even)- beat up on Favre and won a divisional game
  12. Chiefs (+3)- No one out west is stepping up to them
  13. Dolphins (-1)- 3-0 on the road, but winless at home
  14. Eagles (-5)- a team with 2 QB’s, is a team with no QB’s
  15. Buccaneers (+6)- they might be playoff bound
  16. Redskins (even)- They have won as many game in ’10 as they did in ’09
  17. Vikings (even)- we will see what happens with Favre
  18. Seahawks (+7)- Only team in their division with a winning record
  19. Chargers (even)- good offense, good defense, losing record not good
  20. Bears (even)- on a two game losing streak
  21. Cowboys (-1)- season may be over with Romo injury
  22. Rams (-4)- up and down year is due to their youth
  23. Bengals (even)- how is this team 2-4
  24. Raiders (+5)- what job kicking the snot out of Denver
  25. Cardinals (-1)- they win, they lose so on and so on
  26. Jaguars (-4)- when they lose, they lose big by 3 TD’s and more
  27. Browns (+3)- Mangini is like the energizer bunny
  28. Lions (-1)- a lot better than the 1-5 record indicates
  29. Broncos (-3)- that was embarrassing
  30. Panthers (+1)- they do not have to be the second winless team of all time
  31. 49ers (-3)- I don’t even know what to say anymore
  32. Bills (even)- They may not win a game at all
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