The Buffalo Bills are a complete mess

File this one under the most obvious headline ever. However, I am starting to wonder if we can call the people running the Buffalo Bills NFL professionals at all. I mean last winter I was writing about how they lacked the personnel to run the 3-4 defense. Yet they tried to shoe horn that defense in anyway. It took them six games in 2010 to reach the same conclusion. The Bills defense has given up 198 points or 33 points per game on average. While Head Coach Chan Gailey looks to have the Bills offense fixed, the defense is terrible and they could have done something about it. More to the point they should have done something about it.

This is what bad NFL teams always do, they look at what offense or defensive scheme is the current trend in the league, and switch to it thinking that will solve all their ills. The problem with that is other teams make those schemes work because they have the personnel for it. The 3-4 defense requires a dominant DT to play the Nose Tackle spot. This year’s second round pick Torrell Troup is not cutting the mustard.

Right now it is hard to imagine the Bills winning a game in 2010. There remaining games are against Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Cleveland, Miami, New England, and the New York Jets. There are a few games in there they could, maybe even should win, but this team is playing terrible right now and that is not likely to change. Worse news is they are already past their bye week.

Sure this team went through a regime change last off season, and that can account for some of their struggles. However we are seeing a pattern of said new regime making plans that do not work out, and are quickly changed. That is not an ideal pattern for team looking to rebuild itself. The team needs a direction, and after a winless season so far they need the right direction and they need it soon.

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