Elle Macpherson Intimates Ad Is Creepy, Says Twitter

Elle Macpherson may be celebrating her recent marriage to Jeffrey Soffer but that isn’t the only reason that people are talking about “The Body.” The stunning model has struck some iconic poses on the cover of magazines like Playboy but she’s also posed for some, well, creepy advertisements.

An ad from 2004 resurfaced today and it has caused a bit of conversation in certain sections of the internet.

According to Jezebel, the ad comes from a 2004 shoot for Elle Macpherson Intimates. The super model created a couple “provocative” ads during that period including one that was banned by the Advertising Standards Board in Australia.

Brand Republic describes the banned ad, which was part of a campaign called “Knife Fight,” saying: “It opens with a woman standing in Intimates underwear picking up and putting down knives in a kitchen. It then shows two women having a naked knife fight and ends with a woman cleaning blood off the kitchen floor. At no point in the ad can the women’s faces be seen.”

The ad above wasn’t banned but it is leaving a sour taste in the web’s mouth. The ad, which was created by coloribus and is called Blue Shoes, has been passed around Twitter for the last few hours as people discuss just what is so wrong about the photo.

So far the ad has been called: “Creepy,” “Voyeuristic” and “rapey.”

What do you think about the Elle Macpherson ad?

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