Trading Beer For Wine: Americans Drinking Less Brew, More Vino

Beer is getting pushed to the side by wine as the preferred drink among Americans. A major new poll released earlier this week shows that while beer is still king, it is slipping in a big way.

Time reports that Gallup’s yearly Consumption Habits poll reveals that only 36 percent of Americans said their favorite alcoholic drink was beer. Compare this to 35 percent who prefer the taste of wine. It’s clear that the bubbly brew may soon lose its throne to its red and white friends.

The poll also found that 23 percent of Americans prefer neither, instead reaching for the hard liquor. Liquor drinkers have remained at a steady number for decades.

Beer has long been the adult drink of choice in the United States, but like baseball being the “national pastime,” this wisdom is becoming outdated.

Over 20 years ago, these numbers were very different. In 1992, beer drinkers outnumbered wine fans by 20 percent. Even though beer in the US has changed, with a large number of microbreweries popping up with craft beers, it has become less popular than it once was.

There are still striking differences in who likes to drink wine and who prefers beer, the poll shows. US News and World Report say that an overwhelming number of wine fans are women. More than half of American women say they prefer wine, while only 20 percent of men have taken to the grown-up grape juice. This is still a huge change over the years, though.

Another big division comes along age lines. In an odd pairing, Americans over 50 and millennials are reported to both be seen taking to wine more often. Those in between — Americans between the age of 30 and 49 — seem to be sticking with beer, though.

Wine’s increasing popularity over beer can be attributed to several factors. Wine is becoming more common in US stores, while also becoming more accepted as a casual alcoholic drink, not just for special occasions.

So which do you prefer? Are you a vino fan or a faithful brew drinker?

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