Backstreet Boys Concert Shut Down By Chicago Police [Video]

The Backstreet Boys were unable to complete their set in Chicago on Friday after the police department pulled the plug on their performance.

According to various reports on Twitter, authorities decided to prematurely end the concert since the guys were singing way past the city’s curfew. Instead of letting them finish up, the Backstreet Boys’ fans were asked to pack up their things and head home.

Those folks who paid a serious chunk of change to see the group perform were understandably irritated with the Chicago Police Department’s decision to cancel the gig. Many of them took to social media on Friday night to express their extreme disappointment with the CPD.

“They didn’t let the Backstreet Boys finish their concert. That’s right — I got kicked out of a venue because of an 11 pm curfew on a Friday,” one unhappy individual tweeted.

“Whoever decided it was a good idea to cut off the Backstreet Boys concert at 11 pm noise curfew can rot in hell for all eternity,” another disgruntled fan wrote.

With only five songs left to go, authorities forced the venue to turn on the lights and announce that the show was coming to an abrupt end. The Backstreet Boys didn’t have much say in the matter; the police ultimately forced the sound crew to kill their microphones.

The guys tried to organize one more song on Northerly Island before calling it a night. However, the band decided against it due to the possibility of arrest.

Reports also claim that some fans protested the show’s cancellation by yelling at police and refusing to leave the venue. This resulted in several people getting busted by officers who were at the scene. According to one of the band members, this sort of thing has never happened to them before.

Amateur video of the incident is included below.

Here’s a few extremely unhappy tweets about the unexpected cancellation.

What do you think about Chicago police shutting down the recent Backstreet Boys concert?

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