Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Horns’ Costar Juno Temple Says He’s ‘A Stand-Up Comic’

Daniel Radcliffe is “a stand-up comic”, according to Horns costar Juno Temple.

The boy who lived is quickly becoming the boy who could do anything. After over a decade as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has finally moved past the role he landed due to his father being the producer. Yes, Mark Radcliff is Daniel Radcliffe‘s father, but the Harry Potter star didn’t let it go to his head.

Many of the child actors and actresses have expressed difficulty dealing with normal life after the films. Emma Watson didn’t know she was famous for playing the role of Hermione Granger until she went to college, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. All of the surviving cast members who got their start in the Harry Potter films still struggle with moving past their famous roles.

Daniel Radcliffe apparently decided to deal with it by becoming more than just an actor. Before finishing the Harry Potter films, he starred in the controversial theatrical production Equus, leading to the delay in further films as the taboo died down. Proving as versatile a thespian as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe has seemingly done it all.

Daniel Radcliffe’s latest film effort, Horns, has him returning to the realm of the magical, once again adorning a head decoration. He has traded the lightning scar for a pair of horns. In the process of filming the movie, Juno Temple had to redo a complicated scene several times, each time starting out laughing. To facilitate this, Daniel Radcliffe had to keep her laughing for real.

Juno Temple said of costar Daniel Radcliffe, “There was one take where there was quite a complicated movie and we had to keep redoing it to get the shot right. We had to open with me laughing and Daniel must have told me 20 to 25 jokes. It was insane. I didn’t know somebody had that many jokes. It was genius. He’s a stand-up comic.”

The comic genius of Daniel Radcliffe also showed through with a gift he gave Juno Temple. It was a T-shirt about her recent portrayal of a porn star, which says, “I made Linda Lovelace gag.”

What do you think of Juno Temple saying that Daniel Radcliffe is “a stand-up comic”?

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