Roy Den Hollander: Lawyer Fighting Free Drinks For Hot Chicks Loses Another Case

COMMENTARY — Creepy anti-feminist lawyer Roy Den Hollander was handed another legal defeat this week in his pursuit of so-called men’s rights.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Alexander Hunter has dismissed Hollander’s case against Amnesia night club in New York. Hollander claimed he was a victim of age and gender discrimination at the club in 2010 when he was asked to pay $350 for bottle service — while a hot young woman was allowed in for free.

A lengthy report in the New York Daily News said that Roy Den Hollander compared the club’s rules to Jim Crow in the 1950s Deep South.

Yeah, that’s right. Hollander believes being asked to pay for his drinks is an outrage on a par with being lynched or denied the vote. Wowsers.

“Having to buy a $350 bottle of watered down vodka — that’s sitting in the back of the bus for us!” he told NYDN.

The self-appointed men’s rights lawyer said he was mad but vowed to appeal.

And we don’t doubt him.

Men’s Activism said that he’d previously sued other Manhattan clubs for offering ladies’ nights drink specials. Hollander lost that case in a federal appeals court in 2010.

And the Manhattan Supreme Court wasn’t any more sympathetic. Judge Hunter didn’t accept Hollander’s argument that free drinks are a human right.

The judge seemed to think clubs are perfectly free to comp guests who will draw in other paying customers. And I think he’s right.

Is Hollander going to sue every restaurant, bar, and hotel that gives a freebie to a celebrity? Or is he only bitter about hot chicks getting free drinks?

It’s worth noting that NYDN said that Hollander claimed to be middle-aged. They reportedly found his age of 66 not from him but from other public sources. So I don’t know if he’s delusional or what.

For sure Hollander’s campaign against free drinks for ladies is a proven loser. As far as I know, he’s never booked a win in his series of lawsuits against free drinks for people younger and better-looking than he’ll ever be again.

What do you folks think about all this?

I personally believe the next time Roy Den Hollander files a junk lawsuit, he should be fined for wasting the court’s time.

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