‘Mineshaft’ From Machinima Is John Shaft Meets ‘Minecraft’ [Video]

When you’ve got ne’er-do-wells running around your Minecraft world stealing all of your precious Diamonds and your embarrassingly large collection of Ender Pearls, you know there’s only one person to call to set things right. Yep, we’re talking about Shaft. Mineshaft, that is.

“Mineshaft” is a new fan film featured on Machinima Prime’s YouTube Channel from the mind of James Farr, who wrote and directed the animated film with the help of production studio Steelhouse Digital.

The 11-minute video follows Mineshaft and his dog, Whitey, as the duo investigate a “high-stakes heist” from New Block City’s Museum of Notch-ural History. Even if the references to Shaft fly over your head, you owe it to yourself to check this video out if you’re a Minecraft fan.

So, go on. Do it!

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