George Clooney Buys Spy Satellite, Sudan Dictator Target Cries Like Girl [Videos]

George Clooney bought a spy satellite to keep an eye on accused war criminal and dictator of Sudan Omar al-Bashir. It might sound like the actor doesn’t know the difference between an action flick and reality, but it turns out that his Satellite Sentinel Project is getting under al-Bashir’s skin.

You can hit that magic button and watch a video on the new project. Clooney got the money for the spy satellite as a result of his ads for Nespresso, the Nestle capsule coffee company.

As you’ll see, the harassment of the Sudanese dictator appeared to be working. Clooney told The Guardian:

“Omar al-Bashir…puts out a statement saying that I’m spying on him and how would I like it if a camera was following me everywhere I went and I go ‘well welcome to my life Mr War Criminal.’ I want the war criminal to have the same amount of attention that I get. I think that’s fair.”

But 52-year-old Clooney is never a guy to hold back what he really thinks.

On Friday, George Clooney called out Daniel Loeb, a hedge fund investor who controls seven percent of Sony stock. In an interview with Deadline: Hollywood, the Michael Clayton star said:

“I’ve been reading a lot about Daniel Loeb, a hedge fund guy who describes himself as an activist but who knows nothing about our business, and he is looking to take scalps at Sony because two movies in a row underperformed…

“[Loeb] calls himself an activist investor, and I would call him a carpet bagger, and one who is trying to spread a climate of fear that pushes studios to want to make only tent poles.”

Maybe Clooney’s next spy satellite will take aim at some of Hollywood’s more objectionable honchos.

Here’s one of the George Clooney ads for Nespresso that is bankrolling the Satellite Sentinel Project:

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