Moto X Ads Don’t Attack Apple Or Samsung, Tout Being ‘Assembled In USA’ [Videos]

Google’s Moto X smarpthone has been officially unveiled, and now the company is promoting its first Motorola created smartphone with the help of three online ad spots.

Unlike Apple and Samsung, who often choose attack ads, Google has decided to highlight some of the Moto X’s new and useful features.

In the first video, which hit YouTube on Thursday, the Moto X is touted for its Quick Capture camera that “snaps pics with a flick of the wrist.”

Google also touts its Always Ready voice control feature and the smarpthone’s quick customization option that changes the look of a users device.

In a rather subtle ad, a guy sleeps in and then tells the Moto X to take a note about buying more coffee. In the video, the man tells his smartphone: “Ok Google Now Note To Self, Buy More Coffee” and “Okay Google Now Wake Me Up In 20 Minutes.” After each message, Google Now confirms his message via the Moto X.

Google also reminds customers that the Moto X is “Designed by you. Assembled in the U.S.A.”

The US assembly notice takes a page from Apple, which also recently began assembling some of its iMac devices in California. Keep note that the ad only says devices are only “assembled” and not manufactured in the United States. However, a July 4 ad from Google says the devices are “made in the United States.”

Google had focused on some rather racy ad spots before the release of the device, and the new ads are definitely toned down from that chatter.

Do you plan on picking up the Moto X? What do you think of Google’s new ads?

[Image via TheVerge]

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