[RUMOR] PSP 2 to have touch pad, bigger screen, analogue sticks

[NOTE: Image above is a fan mock-up]

Sony’s PSP 2 has a problem – it’s called the Nintendo 3DS. So far, the 3DS looks and sounds pretty awesome, so Sony’s next handheld – whenever it’s officially revealed – needs to rock our socks even more. Tough one.

However, rumors emerging today suggest PSP 2 could be something special. Kotaku is carrying a report that says the Sony machine will feature a touch pad, a bigger, sharper screen (that Sony is calling “HD”), and dual analog sticks, like those found on PlayStation controllers since 1997.

It sounds like a compromise between the current PSP and Apple’s iPad, though “several sources” told Kotaku that the touch panel was on the back of the hardware. The screen is apparently “about an inch” larger, but final internal hardware has not yet been settled on, with Sony facing problems concerning battery life and overheating – the latter being not exactly ideal for a handheld.

Finally, the moles in this story say PSP 2 is coming Fall 2011. Sony has yet comment, and I wouldn’t hold your breath.

[UPDATE: As it happens, Sony today slashed $50 off the price of a PSP Go! in North America.]

[Via Kotaku]

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