Epic ‘Eterna’ Trailer Consists Of Clips From Several Blockbuster Movies [Video]

Sometimes the best part of a movie is the trailer that tricked you into buying a ticket. Editor Vadzim Khudabets seems to understand this concept perfectly.

Using clips from some of the biggest blockbusters in recent memory, the talented individual has constructed the impressive Eterna trailer. Running at over six minutes, the clip incorporates moments from unrelated films so perfectly that you’d think they were made to fit together.

It’s hard to imagine that clips from The Dark Knight Rises, 300, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Transformers would work in unison, but Khudabets effortlessly weaves these images together in order to craft one of the most amusing movie mash-ups you’re likely to encounter.

To create this epic trailer, the guy used footage from 99 different movies. The footage often makes these endeavors look a lot better than they ever did on the big screen.

Granted, the Eterna trailer doesn’t sport much of a plot. Considering that most trailers these days are simply looking to dazzle you with special effects and random scenes, it actually conveys a much more coherent story than most.

However, the clip isn’t just an assault on your senses. Khudabets sandwiches a few quieter moments in-between the huge set pieces and the gargantuan explosions. It’s a masterstroke of epic proportions that suggests the editor understands Hollywood better than the industry itself.

Vadzim Khudabets told Time magazine that he purposely looked for patterns and sequences to match the score he used for the trailer. As for the title, the editor said he named the clip Eterna since it showcases the classic struggle between good and evil.

“It was one of the works that you are doing for the soul, not for the client. Favorite music, favorite movies — what could be better?” he explained.

When you’re ready, feast your eyes on the clip below. It actually gets better on repeat viewings.

What do you think about the awesomeness that is the Eterna trailer?

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