Star Trek Galileo Restored, Unveiled In Houston Space Center In Emotional Event

The Star Trek Galileo shuttlecraft from the 1960s original series of the enduring Star Trek franchise has been restored and put on display at Houston Space Center. The life-sized craft was created for the 1967 episode called The Galileo Seven — and then it was lost for as long as 20 years at a time until its recent rediscovery and restoration.

The Houston Chronicle said that the Space Center unveiled the restored Star Trek Galileo for the first time Wednesday. Organizers for Space City Con, which is being held in Houston from August 2-4, will also hold a party at 10:30 AM Friday to welcome the spaceship to its new home.

The Galileo isn’t just visiting this solar system. The craft will now be kept on permanent display in the center’s Zero-G Diner.

In an amazing gesture, collector Adam Schneider bought it in poor condition last year for $61,000. The dedicated Star Trek fan guided the process of taking the craft from a rusted hulk to a restored museum specimen worthy of flying from New York to Houston to donate to the nation’s Space Center for public display.

After a year-long restoration effort which has been detailed at length with a great many diagrams and photographs by Space, the Galileo was fully restored.

Among the celebrities present to welcome Galileo was actor Don Marshall, who played the role of Starfleet Lieutenant Boma in The Galileo Seven episode. Over SF personalities included the seventh Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy and Robert Picardo, the doctor from Star Trek: Voyager.

Here are a couple of photographs tweeted from the scene:

According to WFAA, the Galileo unveiling was an emotional moment. Some fans even admitted that they wept.

Will you be visiting Star Trek’s Galileo in its new home?

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