Foursquare history: First space check-in!

That kid that checked into Foursquare at the North Pole back in April? He can totally suck it, as someone has just checked into Foursquare in space.

Not only does astronaut Doug Wheelock get bragging rights and a relatively low possibility of someone using the check in to totally blow up his spot while he’s just trying to down some PBRs, he also has the distinction of unlocking the totally phat “Space Explorer Badge” seen above. (Which makes my new “Swimmies” badge look incredibly boring in comparison.) Amusingly, the Twitter feed of Wheelock unlocking the badge went just like regular check-in and badge unlocking you might see on Twitter for any Foursquare user:

Astro_Wheels I’m at The International Space Station

Astro_Wheels I just unlocked the “NASA Explorer” badge on @foursquare!

While the distinction earned by Wheelock on Foursquare is certainly enviable, you don’t have to spend years training intensively and learning about space and G-Force and eating freeze dried french fries to get the “NASA Explorer” badge. Now that it’s been added, you can unlock it yourself by visiting any of the venues listed on NASA’s Foursquare page.

[via Mashable]

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