Ten Most Easily Stolen ATM Pins, Beware

Everyone knows that they should have a strong pin number for their ATM, but for different reasons some choose not to listen to the suggestion and hackers know this.

Thieves are smart, sometimes, and can figure out a way to break your pin number. Identity theft is after all a multi million dollar industry in the US.

A new study from DataGenetics lists the ten most frequently and easily stole pin numbers. Yes, people actually use these, so if you’re one of those who does, you are better off changing the password now, while you are reading this article.

What is considered a strong password or pin then? Or better yet, which numbers should you never use when creating a pin?

The obvious ones are birth dates of you or other family members, those can fairly easily be found online. According to a Forbes report the United States and Mexico are the countries in which fraud occurs more often.

To protect yourself from a stolen ATM pin use a nondescript number that has nothing to do with any personal information directly related to you.

It is not always easy, since we use passwords for ever single thing we do online. But it is crucial that you spend more than a couple of seconds trying to come up with a hard to break pin number. Your financial security is at stake.

These are the ten most used pin numbers.

1. 1234

2. 1111

3. 0000

4. 1212

5. 7777

6. 1004

7. 2000

8. 4444

9. 2222


Since the hackers know these are the most used pins, you might want to change yours if it appears on this list.

The least used pin number according to DataGenetics is 8068. WTOP says that the best pins are those which have no special significance. So no birth dates or anniversaries.

Anything that is in the public domain can be found by the people who are trying to harm you.

The list of the ten most easily stolen ATM pins is a handy thing to have.

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