South African Athlete, Bryan Habana, Races Plane And Wins [Video]

Bryan Habana, a South African rugby player, has took part in a race against an airplane, and won.

Habana, who has competed in several world cups, went up against an Airbus A380, which is powered by four Rolls Royce engines and can go as fast as 600 miles per hour.

The winger, who recently moved to Toulon in France, raced against the jumbo jet for 100 metres. The difference between the athlete and the jet are vast. Habana weighs 95kg and has a height of 1,80 metres, whilst the airplane weighs 366,000kg, is 24metres high, and has a wingspan of 80 metres and 73 metres in length.

At the start of the video, which you can view above, Habana admits that this ranks alongside some of the craziest things he has ever done. Habana then admitted that it was going to be tough to defeat the plane because “once the A380 is on full throttle it picks up speed very rapidly.”

Before the race, Jean de Villiers, who has played alongside Habana for many years, stated that he had no chance of beating the aircraft, whilst Chris Robshaw, an English rugby international, believed that he would be victorious.

Habana then went up against the airplane and managed to defeat the vehicle, which struggled to get to full pace before it flew into the sky.

Bryan Habana’s race was part of an advertisement for British Airways, which also featured the model, Georgia May Jagger, and offered people the opportunity to fly to South Africa for cheaper prices.

Previously, in 2007, Habana, who at the time was 23-years-old, raced a cheetah, the world’s fastest land mammal, in order to promote the conservation of the animal. He once again, just, managed to keep pace with the cheetah. You can watch a clip of Habana’s race with the animal below.

Did you think that Habana would beat the aircraft?

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