Tim Pawlenty says Vikings highly likely to get new stadium

Outgoing Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty seems to have a more favorable impression that the Minnesota Vikings will get a new stadium built in Minnesota then I. I do not share his optimism as the tide as turned on the publicly funded stadiums who then get little in return. I blame Jeff Loria and the Florida Marlins for this mess, but in truth publicly funded sports stadiums is a con that leaves the tax payers paying much, and getting little.

On top of that the good folks of Minnesota have already learned this lesson when the Metrodome was first built. It was a long process to get that stadium funded by the public and it would seem that the voters there already know the short falls of building a stadium for a private entity. Even if they don’t they have already helped build Target Field for the Twins, and the new digs of the University of Minnesota. They may not have an appetite to help build another stadium.

Many feel that the Vikings have lost their edge ever since moving to the Metrodome, and many would like to see them play in an outdoor facility. Since the trend in the business of the NFL has gone away from multi purpose stadiums, I do not see a way they would share Target Field with the Twins. I also do not see the Metrodome as a viable option for refurbishing leaving little chance of a deal getting done. At least in my mind.

When we get right down to it, I don’t think the voters in Minnesota will approve another financial plan that would be a new Vikings stadium built with public funds. I do not doubt their fan dome, just the little amount of cash is in their wallets. I think the Vikings will one day play in Los Angeles aside a another team that use to call Minnesota home.

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