John Stamos Discusses Olivia Munn Losing Her Virginity

John Stamos has been talking about the most intimate moment in Olivia Munn’s life, the day that she lost her virginity.

The Full House actor is currently filming a web-series for Yahoo entitled,Losing It With John Stamos, which sees the star questions various celebrities about how and when they lost their virginity.

Stamos told E! News about the show, stating, “We’ve shot five or six [episodes]. [Bob] Saget has done it, Olivia Munn was fantastic. Olivia was really good because she spoke really well about women and she waited until she was in love. She was 18 and it was interesting. I think it’s going to get a lot of attention.”

Stamos went on to add, “It’s been interesting. It’s not dirty or anything. It’s just sort of about what people were feeling at that time in their lives. Was it a loss of innocence, was it inconsequential, was it the most important thing? It’s been great. I’m doing it with Morgan Spurlock.”

Munn, who plays Sloan Sabbith in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, which is broadcast on HBO, has also been discussing about the return of The Social Network writer’s show.

The actress revealed what we can expect from the second season, telling the Wall Street Journal, “For season two, what we find is that ACN [Atlantic Cable News, the titular newsroom of the show] gets a tip – and it’s a bad tip, but in their quest to really do journalism they start going after this. It leads to the almost collapse of the newsroom, and puts all of their jobs on the line.”

She then added, “I think what you find [watching The Newsroom] is how much censorship there is even in American media, because of the corporate sponsors and where the money flows from.”

Are you going to watch Losing It With John Stamos?

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