J.K. Rowling Accepts Large Donation After Leaked Pseudonym

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has accepted a large charity donation from the law firm that leaked her name as the author of a spy novel she recently released.

Rowling has said that she did not use her real name to author her new book because she didn’t want all the pressure the novel would have using her very famous name.

The author filed a suit against Chris Gossage, a partner at Russells and a friend of his, Judith Callegari, for breach of confidentiality.

The High Court in London heard the arguments as to how Rowling was outed as the real author of the novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, which was published under the name of Robert Galbraith.

A few days later Russells contacted her agent, disclosing that it was Gossage who had shared the confidential information with Callegari, who in turn tweeted it during an exchange with a journalist.

J.K. Rowling has stated she was extremely disappointed that her name had come to light.

Her attorney, Jenny Afia, told Justice Tugendhat that Rowling, who was not in court, “has been left dismayed and distressed by such a fundamental betrayal of trust”.

Gossage, Callegari, and Russells all apologized, agreeing to reimburse Rowling’s legal expenses and make a payment, by way of damages, to the the Soldiers’ Charity, formerly the Army Benevolent Fund.

Very few trusted advisers, family, and friends were aware of Galbraith’s true identity until the front-page story made headlines worldwide.

“The claimant was angry and distressed that her confidences had been betrayed and this was very much aggravated by repeated speculation that the leak had, in fact, been a carefully coordinated publicity stunt by her, her agent and her publishers designed to increase sales.” Rowling’s attorney added.

All net royalties which would otherwise have been paid to Rowling from book sales will be donated to The Soldiers’ Charity for a period of three years, starting from July 14.

What do you think about J.K. Rowling using a pseudonym to write The Cuckoo’s Calling?

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