James Harrison is a punk, and a crybaby

Yet another Pittsburg Drama Queen. A day after getting a 75k fine from the NFL for two helmet to helmet hits versus the Cleveland Browns last Sunday James Harrison cried to his head coach got excused from practice , threatened to retire, and had his agent give a ‘We are very serious’ statement. Go ahead James take your ball and go home because the NFL has no place for pansies like you.

All of this over the helmet to helmet his crisis. Hey James tell me something, do we tackle people by the helmet? Should we be taking years of other’s career and yours by going helmet to helmet? And seriously dude if you think you can no longer be productive given the enforcement of the rules (mind you not new rules) maybe brother you were not that good to begin with.

I sure would be curious to watch Harrison give up his 20 million dollar contract, and to watch him and his lawyer give back the prorated portion of his signing bonus. Harrison must have forgotten that time he spent driving a city bus. Hey James listen up, and listen good no one pays money to see you play football, so go ahead and quit.

I am so sick of whiny crybaby athletes, especially when the wear the black and gold of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This guy broke the rules and the NFL made an example of him, they are not new rules and everyone knows going helmet to helmet is a bad thing.
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