Wes Studi Apologizes For Behavior During Recent Arrest

Actor Wes Studi issued an apology to police for his behavior during a recent arrest.

The Last of the Mohicans star made headlines last week after he was busted for driving while intoxicated in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Authorities said the actor launched into a 30-minute tirade directed at the arresting officers. His behavior was described as abusive and vulgar.

Police explained that Wes Studi was arrested for aggravated DWI while changing a tire on Old Pecos Trail. As he was taken into custody, the actor reportedly started swearing at officers and hurling racial slurs.

At one point during the exchange, he called one of the officers “white” and declared that “all your women would rather be with one of us.” He also stated that driving drunk wasn’t a very big deal. The entire drunken rant was caught on camera and later released to the public.

Studi pleaded not guilty to the charges. Days after the arrest, the Avatar alum issued an apology to the Santa Fe police department through a Seattle public relations firm.

Wes Studi said in a statement:

While I cannot comment on the ongoing legal situation. I want to apologize to law enforcement officers for my behavior that evening. Though it wasn’t apparent, I have the highest respect for law enforcement. Despite my behavior the officers remained very professional, and I deeply respect and appreciate that. I know I’ve hurt family, friends and supporters and I’m deeply sorry.

The Santa Fe New Mexican states that the public relations firm specializes in “crisis communications” and “reputation management.”

Although he pleaded not guilty to DWI, Studi admitted that he was driving drunk. A 51-year-old female passenger who was with him at the time said the pair had been drinking earlier that evening.

Are you a fan of Wes Studi? What do you think about the actor’s recent apology?

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