WWE’s Randy Orton Punched In The Groin By Fan [Video]

Pro wrestling suddenly got very real for WWE’s Randy Orton who was punched in the groin by a fan or a perhaps a non-fan who climbed into the ring after a match.

Orton was standing on the turnbuckles celebrating a win with his arms raised when the random audience member sneaked up behind him and struck him between the legs. The incident happened in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wrestling features some strange storylines, but this incident was definitely not part of the show, a WWE rep told TMZ.

Security tackled the intruder immediately although it appears Orton got a kick in before the man was taken away. He then continued on with the performance.

WWE released the following statement about the Randy Orton incident:

“WWE.com has learned that Randy Orton was violently attacked by an audience member during a SmackDown World Tour Live Event in Cape Town, South Africa, this evening. Footage of the attack was captured by a WWE fan and posted to YouTube, and shows the perpetrator striking Orton from behind. The matter is currently under investigation by the local authorities, and the South African fan is being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.”

Orton had just defeated Big E Langston with his signature “RKO” finishing move when he was blindsided by the fan. See video embedded below. The incident occurred at Cape Town’s Grand West Arena.

According to PWInsider.com, “Orton looked peeved off at the security. The security at ringside beefed up big time after that.”

Randy Orton is a third-generation professional wrestler, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Bob Orton, Sr., dad Cowboy Bob Orton, and his uncle who wrestled as Barry O. He is the youngest person ever to hold a WWE World Heavyweight belt and has won 11 total championships during his affiliation with the WWE promotion as both a singles competitor and as a member of a tag team.

Would you agree that this attack on Randy Orton was “nuts”?

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