Artemis Fowl Movie In The Works At Disney

A big-screen adaptation of Artemis Fowl is currently in the works.

Harvey Weinstein and the folks at Disney are reportedly teaming up for the project. The movie is based on the best-selling children’s books by author Eoin Colfer.

Miramax purchased the rights to Artemis Fowl way back in 2001. However, Weinstein’s famous split from Disney left the project hanging in the balance. Although the adaptation is technically a Disney flick, the separation agreement states that Weinstein will serve as producer if it ever gets off the ground.

Harvey Weinstein said in a recent statement:

If you would have told me five years ago I would be producing a project with Disney I would have thought you were crazy. I feel as though everything is coming full circle considering Bob De Niro and Jane Rosenthal brought me this book while I was still at Miramax and within hours I told them I wanted the rights to the film.

The upcoming motion picture is based on the first two novels in the Artemis Fowl series. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix screenwriter Michael Goldenberg will tackle scripting duties on the project.

“With its balance of mystery, adventure and family appeal, Artemis Fowl is a natural fit for Disney. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Harvey on this exciting project,” Walt Disney Studios’ Sean Bailey explained.

“This is a special project for me because my children absolutely love this book. This story is for everyone and there is no one better than Disney to make a film that will excite people young and old,” Weinstein said.

Artemis Fowl tells the story of a 12-year-old millionaire and criminal mastermind who kidnaps a fairy in order to harness its magical powers. However, Artemis is soon up to his neck in trouble when he discovers that the creature he’s captured isn’t like the fairies found in his favorite bedtime stories.

A release date for the Artemis Fowl flick has not been set as of this writing. Are you looking forward to Disney’s adaptation of the best-selling novel?

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