Arsenio Hall Is Ready To Take Late Night By Storm

After bidding farewell to the talk show scene over 20 years ago, Arsenio Hall is ready and willing to reclaim the late night crown.

Although the younger generation may not know who Hall is, people of a certain age are well-acquainted with the comedian’s brand of late night tomfoolery. His talk show was the place to be if you were young, hip, and happening during the late-80s and 90s.

Arsenio Hall was on-hand at last weekend’s Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. The scene might be a bit more crowded than it was during his heyday, but the 57-year-old is ready to accept the challenge.

“I know that everybody doesn’t have a late-night host. It’s already a challenge. You have the ability to Google [any clip from late night the next morning. It’s hard to make anyone actually watch. The challenges are gigantic now,” Hall explained.

The comedian joked, “I actually was down at the courthouse trying to change my name to Jimmy. I think Jimmy Hall would work.”

Hall said that coming up with jokes and writing material is much easier in the digital age. He said that social media will play a big role in helping him prepare content for his monologues.

“It can drive people from the computer to the TV screen. But it’s not necessarily essential. [Jay] Leno isn’t really into it, and yet he’s No. 1. I’m excited to jump back into it. When you write a joke and you’re able to use Google (for you’re research). I can’t wait to write jokes and do comedy and prepare interviews in this digital world,” the comedian explained.

Executive producer Neal Kendall seemed equally as excited for Arsenio Hall’s return to late night. He believes there’s currently room for everyone in the talk show racket right now.

“I think everything’s working incredibly well, and we’re just happy to be the new kid on the block,” he explained. “What’s new and different about the show? Well, Arsenio himself is new and different. That’s what we’re bringing to the table.”

The new Arsenio Hall show is expected to makes its debut on September 9.

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