Fire Burns Down Apartment After Samsung Galaxy S4 Explodes

A Hong Kong man got a little more than he thought he would when he purchased the hot new Samsung Galaxy S4 after it exploded and caught his apartment on fire.

According to the Huffington Post, the owner of the phone was playing the game, “Love Machine” when he was startled by a loud pop that seemed to come from the phone’s battery.

He quickly tossed the phone onto his sofa, which then caught fire.

The flames reportedly grew out of control and burned his entire apartment down.

The owner of the phone said he had also been charging the phone while he was playing on it.

This news is similar to that of those the recent iPhone shocks and electrocutions that have been taking place.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Apple has issued warnings to Chinese customers to avoid using fake third-party chargers and other accessories.

“Apple is specifically warning Chinese customers to avoid third-party chargers. The country has a history of allowing sub-par products on the market.

Because of lax regulation, Apple third-party devices in China vary in their level of safety and quality.”

Even though the iPhone has been making news for their incidents, this isn’t the first case of a Samsung product malfunctioning and/or exploding.

The Inquisitr recently reported about a Swiss teenager with second and third degree burns after her Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded in her pocket.

According to CNet, Samsung Hong Kong says it will be analyzing chemicals from the scene of the fire to see whether any of them could have come from its factory.

They continued on to say “there is always the suspicion that rogue parts — or even rogue repair — might have been involved.”

In the case of the man who’s Samsung Galaxy S4 exploded, setting his apartment on fire, he claims that all of his parts were original Samsung products.

[Images by via Huffington Post and Shutterstock/rangizzz]

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