Desiree Hartsock: Bachelorette Says She Was ‘Blindsided’ By Brooks

Desiree Hartsock got quite a shock on part one of the the Bachelorette finale when Brooks told her he didn’t have the same feelings she did and he would be leaving the show.

Today the Bachelorette is speaking out about the surprise, saying it left her “blindsided” and “heartbroken.” During the episode Hartsock had confided that her feelings for Brooks were stronger than the other two finalists, Chris and Drew.

In a blog for People magazine, Desiree Hartsock wrote:

“So let’s start with what I’m sure you are all wondering about… My relationship with Brooks was always secure and confident when we were together, but I never knew what was going through his mind when we were apart. That should have been a red flag, but sometimes love is blind.”

Desiree said didn’t know the experience was so hard for Brooks or that he didn’t share the same strong feelings she had.

“From our dates, notes passed and words spoken, he led me to believe that he was on board and wanted this to work out,” she wrote. “I had such strong feelings for him that I couldn’t imagine not reaching the full potential of a proposal.”

Getting to watch the Bachelorette has given Hartsock a new perspective.

“I was surprised watching the episode and seeing the conversations Brooks had with his mother and sister and with Chris Harrison, expressing his doubts and feelings. He never expressed those concerns with me until it was too late. I was completely blindsided and heartbroken by his exit.”

The Bachelorette has already noted how hard it was to understand the intentions of more than 20 suitors, but said she was content with the way she approached the experience.

“It’s really hard to know what the guys really feel and what their motivations might be for saying and doing things,” Hartsock said. “That’s why you have to picture them in your life day-to-day and ask, ‘Okay, is this gonna work? Could we go to Costco together? Would I want to vacation with this person? Would they be a good dad and husband?’ ”

Despite the rejection from Brooks, Desiree Hartsock still has a choice to make. The Bachelorette returns next week for part two of the finale, when Desiree will pick her fiance.

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