Hoda Kotb To Join ‘The View’? ABC Says She’s Not Being Considered

Rumors have been circulating that Hoda Kotb is leaving The Today Show for a spot on The View. That rumor is now being shot down by several sources.

The New York Post recently spoke with several people close to Kotb who claim she is very content at NBC and has no plans to leave.

The original rumor claimed that Hoda Kotb would leave The Today Show and join the shows massively changing cast. Three of The Views hosts are leaving the show including Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth recently announced that she is exiting the show and will be replaced by the often controversial Jenny McCarthy.

Apparently, Hoda would rather playfully chat and drink with Kathie Lee than spar over fake vaccination claims with Jenny McCarthy.

A source tells The Post: “Hoda loves her job at Today and she’s very happy laughing and scratching with Kathie Lee [Gifford] every day.”

Hoda doesn’t want to leave and ABC told the paper, “There’s absolutely zero truth to this whatsoever.”

With Barbra Walters retiring in 2014 and Joy Behar leaving The View at the end of the season, we’re sure more rumors will begin circulating.

In the meantime, I can’t say I’m surprised Hoda Kotb would want to stay put at The ViewToday Show. After all, what other job allows you to sit around and chat with people while drinking in the early morning hours? If she joined The View, Kotb would be involved in an endless stream of controversy.

I’m not all that convinced that Hoda’s personality would have been a good replacement for Joy Behar. Plus, with Barbara Walters leaving the show, the glue that holds it together could lead to its undoing.

Do you think Hoda Kotb would have made a good replacement host at The View?

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