Alex Rodriguez To Fight Expected MLB Suspension

Alex Rodriguez will fight any suspension or banishment the MLB tries to give him for the Biogenesis scandal, according to the Yankees’ player’s lawyer.

With the Hall of Fame inductions over, there is evidence that the league will announce the penalties against Rodriguez and several other player involved in the case.

David Cornwall explained in an interview on Monday that he and A-Rod are “focused on an appeal” for the expected punishment, reports ESPN.

The Biogenesis scandal involves several players who allegedly took performance enhancing drugs. The company eventually went out of business, but gave some of its records to the MLB in a deal.

Alex Rodriguez is currently on the Disabled List with a quad injury. However, he is in rehab and is expected to return to the Yankees soon. However, that may not happen if the MLB takes action in the next few days.

There are two ways that the MLB could take action against A-Rod. One would be to suspend him under its drug rules, while the other would involve suspending Rodriguez under its collective bargaining agreement, notes Sports Illustrated.

A first offender under the league’s Joint Drug Agreement will suspend whatever penalty is chosen until an arbitrator rules on an appeal. That would mean that Alex Rodriguez can continue to play while the appeals process happens.

However MLB could argue that other alleged violations by A-Rod are punishable under the labor contract. Going that route would prevent Alex Rodriguez from stepping on the field until either the appeals process is finished or his suspension is fulfilled.

Along with charges of using performance enhancing drugs, the Yankees third baseman allegedly attempted to intimidate witnesses and purchase documents that would incriminate him in order to keep them away from baseball officials.

Along with immediate suspension, the CBA would allow commissioner Bud Selig to hear Alex Rodriguez’s appeal, setting up the possibility of a showdown between the player, the MLB, and the players’ union. Cornwall added of the legal process:

“We’re still involved in the process of preparing for an eventual appeal in this matter. My understanding is that the next step that is going to be taken is that the players’ association and baseball will meet to discuss the investigation and baseball’s focus on particular players. So we’ll see how that plays out.”

He added that he and A-Rod expect to be working through the appeals process shortly. The Yankees player is one of 15 players expected to face suspension very soon.

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