Stevie J Joins Life Partner Gang, Sort Of

Stevie J set an example for all soon-to-be married men around the world today. Not only did he coin the phrase “Life Partner Gang,” he also almost managed to get engaged to two women in one night.


Stevie J’s first potential candidate to the Life Partner Gang was Joseline. Now, Stevie didn’t ask Joseline to join but the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star was desperate to get in so she bought a ring and proposed.

Stevie was a little confused at first, saying: “What’s this?”

Joseline explained that it was an engagement ring and that she was asking him to marry her. Once that all settled in, Stevie came up with this solution: “I’m not saying no. But I’m not saying yes.”

Yep, brilliant.

Stevie managed to sell his plan to Joseline by telling her that they had plenty of time and that patience is the key to everything great.

Stevie said: “I’m gonna say…we got time… I’m not gonna say yeah right now. And I’m not gonna say no… Just wait. Patience is the key to everything great, baby.”

Joseline seems kind of pleased and agrees to be patient. Luckily, she doesn’t have to wait to long (it was the finale, after all) as Stevie J invites her over for a surprise.

Now, he’s got everything set up. The rooms decked out, there are flowers on the floor, and Stevie J is standing there with a ring in his hand.

Stevie said: “This life partner scenario, I wanna make it official.”

Perfect, right? Joseline is finally going to get her happy ending. Oh, but wait. Who’s that on the couch? Right, Stevie J invited someone else to come to his engagement party: Mimi.

After sliding the ring onto Joseline’s finger, Stevie J moves on to his other love.

Stevie tells the two women that they are both his family and, in addition to making music, the only thing that he is meant to do on this earth is to take care of his family. And with that, he pulls out another ring.

And yes, you guessed what comes next. A scuffle, some screaming, and a fantastic speech by Stevie J.

The LHHATL star says: “Where you goin’, ma? I just approved your membership for the Life Partner Gang! And you’re leaving already? The LPG won’t be the same without the baddest boosh!”

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