‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Nathalie Emmanuel Defends Sex Scenes

Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel has come to the defense of the hit HBO show’s numerous graphic sex scenes. In short, she thinks you should get over it.

If you haven’t seen one of the most talked-about shows on cable, then you’re really missing out. However, sandwiched between the solid writing and extreme violence are some really strong sex scenes. It’s definitely not the sort of thing you’d ever want to watch with your parents.

Although some fans are often critical of these steamy sequences, the Game of Thrones star believes they help the show accurately depict human nature. For Nathalie Emmanuel, these scenes really aren’t a big deal.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if it’s too much for you then that’s fine. But in the books it’s very raw and real and that’s why a lot of people love the show. It’s not afraid to push the boundaries and make you feel shocked or angry,” the actress explained to the Daily Star.

She continued, “Sex is what we do as humans. It’s not anything alien, it’s just real. Especially at the time when the show is set — you would have had whores, it was kind of the done thing. The sex scenes make it realistic and authentic, it’s something the show does really well.”

As for stripping down for these Game of Thrones sex scenes, Nathalie Emmanuel said it really isn’t a problem since she is very proud of the way her body looks.

“It’s very normal, I’m playing a character. Sometimes you’re naked in your everyday life. For me it’s not a big deal,” she explained.

Since there was certainly no shortage of sex and nudity in season three, chances are HBO won’t be trimming any of the naughty stuff out of season four. The next batch of episodes are expected to debut on the cable network next year.

Do you think the Game of Thrones sex scenes are too explicit?

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