‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel: It All Comes Down To China

Fan boys and girls, cross your fingers: The Pacific Rim sequel might come down to how well the film performs in China.

Director Guillermo del Toro’s $200 million robots vs. monsters epic wasn’t exactly a hit when it arrived in theaters earlier this month. The movie has only amassed around $84 million in the US to-date, which leaves many to wonder if it will cross the $100 million mark domestically.

In order for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to even entertain the idea of Pacific Rim sequel, the sci-fi flick must make at least $50 million when it opens in China.

“That may or may not mean there’d be a sequel, but at least there’d be a discussion,” BoxOffice.com’s Phil Contrino told the folks over at The Wrap.

Del Toro’s Pacific Rim has amassed around $140 million overseas. If the film opens strong in China, then there’s a good chance that it could build upon this success when it finally opens in Japan and Brazil.

The window between the picture’s release in the United States and its bow in China was also a very big concern for the studio. Since piracy is rampant these days, waiting too long in-between release dates could significantly hurt its chance of success.

Another thing that could jeopardize the flick’s box office performance is Justin Lin’s Fast and Furious 6. The movie just opened in the country and it’s quickly soaking up a ton of money. In fact, the flick just gave Universal it’s biggest opening in the country thus far.

Pacific Rim opens in China this Wednesday and you can bet all eyes will be on the flick’s performance. Since del Toro is extremely interested in putting together a sequel — the guy’s already got a ton of nifty ideas — chances are he’ll be watching the box office like a hawk as well.

Are you hoping that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures let Guillermo del Toro make a Pacific Rim sequel? Do you think the movie will perform well in China?

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