Liam Gallagher Received Noise Complaint For Playing His Own Music

Liam Gallagher reportedly played his music so loudly in his back garden that a neighbor was forced to complain to the police. But to make matters worse, he was playing his own songs.

Michael White, a classical music critic for The Telegraph, wrote an article for the newspaper documenting how it hasn’t always been so great to be Mr Gallagher’s neighbor.

Recent allegations surrounding Gallagher’s, reportedly, philandering ways have lead to a hoard of reporters gathering outside of his home.

White wrote, “I happen to live more or less next door to Liam Gallagher. You may have heard of him: he’s in the news from time to time, and never more than now – which means the road where we both live has been staked out for days on end by doorstep journos.”

He then added, “I don’t know who I feel most sorry for here. Gallagher has never been what you could call a friendly neighbour: we don’t borrow cups of sugar. And in all the years he’s lived next door he’s never deigned to say hello. When he moved in I dropped a note of welcome (I’m the street rep for the local residents association). No reply. I guess he’s just not the engaging type.

White then accused the musician of the noise pollution, stating, “It can’t have helped when I was one of several neighbours who complained to Camden Council about him playing music, loudly, in his tiny garden. It was apparently his own music, which made it tacky as well as annoying.”

However, Mr White did note that Gallagher did stop playing his music loudly after receiving the complaint and since then there has been nothing else for him to complain about. It has recently been reported that the former Oasis singer’s marriage is on the brink of collapse because of his recent antics.

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