Michael Jordan’s Son Tweets Nude Photo, Claims It’s Not His

It’s another week, so that apparently means another nude scandal in the celebrity world. This week it comes from Michael Jordan’s 22-year-old son Marcus Jordan.

It’s being reported that the former UF Knight’s basketballer, otherwise known for being Michael Jordan’s son, has tweeted a picture of his penis on Twitter.

According to the report, Marcus tweeted a revealing photo of his penis to his 50,000 plus followers on Saturday night. However, in Marcus’ defense the tweet was then quickly deleted. Unfortunately for Marcus, what’s published on the internet usually stays there.

Marcus Jordan’s deleted tweets were screen grabbed and sent to Deadspin by an anonymous tipster, this is all according to the sports site.

If you ask Marcus Jordan, he didn’t tweet it at all. Instead it seems like the ex-baller is taking the popular stance of “hacker” over the nude photo that was sent out on Saturday night.

In a not-so-surprising move, Marcus decided to delete his Twitter altogether, but thankfully we have the screen grabs it prove he denied sending out a picture of his penis to his followers.

There are also screen grabs of the actual photo, but we’ll leave you to a NSFW google search if your heart desires.

This isn’t the first time Marcus Jordan has gotten in trouble on Twitter. The University of Central Florida basketball player and son of Michael Jordan has gotten into some trouble for soliciting a porn star through Twitter. He also has used the site for ‘humble brags” when he claimed to have spent $50,000 bucks in one single night in Las Vegas.

Of course, when it came to a defense, Marcus Jordan brought up his past usage of Twitter to combat claims that he had tweeted inappropriate tweets.

Looks like Marcus deleting his Twitter page was the first nice move he’s made in a while.

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