DJ Khaled Denies Nicki Minaj Restraining Order After Engagement Proposal Ignored

DJ Khaled is denying that Nicki Minaj has a restraining order against him.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the world thought Nicki Minaj engaged after seeing her wearing a large diamond ring.

But if you compared the pictures of the diamonds rings it was obvious that DJ Khaled’s engagement ring for Nick Minaj wasn’t the one she was actually wearing. Some people claimed DJ Khaled proposed as a publicity stunt for his album. Another Nicki Minaj rumor claims she filed a restraining order against DJ Khaled in New York.

While Nicki Minaj has been mostly silent these past few days, DJ Khaled went to Twitter to deny the restraining order allegations:

“Y’all know better than that they don’t put restraining orders on bosses. I’m the DON U witnessing greatness I’m the best that ever did it! JUS KNOW! #sufferingfromsuccess.”

Nicki Minaj hasn’t publicly turned down DJ Khaled. Nicki Minaj did post an Instagram photo that has some wondering if she said yes, but otherwise everyone was expecting a major wedding announcement this morning at 9 AM EST. Instead, Nicki Minaj announced her new Minajesty fragrance line.

Still, the haters on Twitter apparently don’t want DJ Khaled to marry Nicki Minaj because he’s “too fat”:

@bigstraps: “Just watched DJ Khaled’s marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj. Cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe. What a fat fool!”

@iFortknox: “DJ Khaled has declared his fat love for Nicki Minaj. He’s cheating on his chicken.”

@OhyoumeanAsli: “DJ Khaled has guts asking Nicki to marry his fat self”

@GirlsLoveBre: “Khaled a too FAT for Nicki she need a skinny man.”

@janistormZ: “Dj khaled is so fat and garbage he aint gettin nicki LMAO”

@TheSpearChucker: “LMAO at DJ khaled proposing to nicki minaj. Dude must have forgotten he was fat.”

@PololisWang: “What Was DJ khaled Thinking? Nicki Likes Her Kids To Be Fat?”

@iam_piwizzy: “So dj khaled is in love…and he thinks nicki is gonna show him that love!…fat people can really be hilarious. lol”

Do you think Nicki Minaj should marry DJ Khaled?

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