Xbox 360 gamer hits 500,000 Gamerscore points

For some people, their Xbox Gamerscore – the number of Achievement Points earned by performing certain feats in Xbox 360 games – has become an obsession. Today, a landmark was reached: the man with the highest Gamerscore in the world hit the half a million points mark.

Xbox 360 user Gamertag Stallion38 has set himself a goal of reaching a Gamerscore of one million, and is now halfway there. He reached the big five-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh thanks to a 20 point Achievement in Wallace Gromit’s Grand Adventure: Episode 4. Since 2006, his profile shows he has played 681 games to get there.

What will he earn when he does reach his one mil, aside from square eyes? Er, well, nothing. Microsoft has yet to say it will acknowledge such a milestone with any specific award. Nope, he’s doing it for the sheer hell of it, the ability to say he was first.

500,000 is, to be fair, a hell of a score, though dude should watch his damn back because I’m a mere 494,200 points behind. The comeback starts here! Here’s a video of Stallion38’s handiwork:

[1 Million Gamerscore, via Kotaku]

The man with the world’s highest Gamerscore has just hit the half million mark.

The Xbox 360 user, Gamertag Stallion38, passed the the landmark with a 20 point Achievement in Wallace Gromit’s Grand Adventure: Episode 4.

Stallion38 started his 1 Million Gamerscore blog back in 2006 with the aim of, well, being the first to achieve a Gamerscore of one million.

“Well, I’m finally half way there,” he posted earlier. “It’s been one hell of a journey so far. Thanks for following me and thanks to everyone that helped me along the way. It’s going to be a long process getting to 1,000,000, but hopefully I can make it there someday.”

He hasn’t got a great deal of competition. His nearest rival is Canadian gamer smrnov, some way back at 459,084.

Kotaku reports that Stallion38 celebrated his achievement not by popping a champagne cork, but with a quick blast on Karaoke Revolution.

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