Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012, Has Profile On Online Dating App

Nana Meriwether, the lovely Miss USA 2012, can’t get a date in New York City. Tough town. Or so says The New York Post, which featured the six-foot tall South African-born beauty pageant champion on their cover this morning.

Nana Meriwether got enough of a laugh out of the claim to snap a quick Instagram of the issue, which you can see down below. She also took the time to leave this comment: “Hilarious! Cover of the @NyPost this morning. That you’re eternally single in this crazy city goes well with morning coffee. #RubItIn #NYC @Tinder.”

Her followers on Twitter and Instagram were, of course, eager to help out with this terrible problem. A typical comment might be represented by the Instagram poster who said: “I’m in NYC. I’m single. Lets just meet at a rendezvous point and just enjoy each others company. #JustSaying.”

But is Nana Meriwether really that desperate for a date? The Post seemed to base their claim mostly on the fact that social media savvy Meriwether has a profile on the matchmaking app Tinder, which is supposed to help singles in New York find dates.

But it turned out that Meriwether, who only gave up her crown three weeks ago to the 2013 Miss USA, may not be fully serious about seeking dates online. She told New York Magazine that she mostly just signed up for Tinder at a friend’s suggestion:

“[B]ut I think it could be a great way to meet people, especially in New York City. I think when you’re single, you should try all avenues. And now there are so many new apps for dating — this one is just really fun.”

So here’s that Post cover:

Nana Meriwether put her NYP cover on Instagram

Somehow I’m not entirely convinced the woman who posted this June Instagram photograph has much trouble getting any date she wants:

Nana Meriwether’s classic beauty captured in this June post

In any event, her followers and friends were happy to volunteer their services. Not long ago Nana Meriwether left this tweet:


If only all problems in life were as easily solved as 2012 Miss USA Nana Meriwether’s online dating heartache.

[additional images by Nana Meriwether via Instagram]
[Nana Meriwether top photo by s_bukley /]

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