Taco Bell Customers Find Surprise In Drive-Through Order [Video]

Some Taco Bell customers found a surprise in their drive-through order.

Normally when you order something at Taco Bell, you expect tacos, burritos, or something else with beans and cheese. However, some late-night customers in Kentwood, Michigan found something a bit more tempting by far.

When they went through the Taco Bell drive-through, the cashier handed them what they thought was their order. A few miles away, they went to have a quick meal and instead found several bags of money. The temptation was obviously there to just take the money and buy something a bit more extravagant, but these Mexican food lovers decided to do the right thing instead, no doubt saving the cashier from losing her job.

They had gone through the bags and counted up the cash, finding about $3,600 in legal tender, probably the restaurant’s daily earnings. Instead of keeping it, however, they decided to take it back to the cashier, who reportedly started crying out of happiness. Most people would probably cry if they needed the job and somehow lost all of that money, only to have a customer bring it back. The customers had decided on their meal instead of the guilt of having lost the cashier her job.

What could have been a very happy day for these Taco Bell drive-through customers and likely a one-way ticket to unemployment for a careless cashier ended up with everybody actually getting what they wanted. The cashier had probably been counting out the drawer or handling the day’s earnings and accidentally switched the money with the order.

After years of fast food nightmares finding body parts, razor blades and other things in their meals, it’s rather refreshing to hear about people finding something really nice, and then going a step beyond.

One of the customers told the local news, “We’ll never feel guilty about bringing it back.”

Isn’t it nice to know that people can still resist the urge to keep what isn’t theirs and go out of their way to make things right?

What do you think of the Taco Bell customers who brought back the $3600 they found in their drive-through order? Would you have done the same?