Xbox One: Microsoft Reverses Those Policies You Hate

Microsoft has announced a reversal of their Xbox One policies.

Could it be? Did they actually do it?

Did Microsoft actually listen?

It appears that in light of all of the negative feedback, Microsoft has reversed those policies you hate. Just when you thought the console war was over and Sony was the clear victor, the Xbox One steps forward with its head hung low and decides to play nice after all.

Microsoft executive Don Mattrick has confirmed the policy changes for the Xbox One.

You can pick your jaw up off the ground now. This is actually happening.That’s right, the daily internet requirement and the DRM policies have been reversed. You won’t need to connect your Xbox One to the internet every day just so Microsoft can confirm that you own the games you’re playing. You will still need to connect once when you set up the console, but after that, an internet connection is not required. You can play your games freely after you’ve connected to Xbox Live the first time.

Also, used games will now be free to trade. Microsoft has decided not to keep tabs on every copy of every game for the Xbox One. Games will work exactly the same on Microsoft’s next generation console as they have on the Xbox 360. You install it to the hard drive if you want, and then you still need the disc to play it.

However, a few things could still help the Xbox One make a complete turnaround in this console war. For one, the price is still a bill higher than the PlayStation 4, so gamers on a budget will most likely still go for Sony’s machine. Also, if the Xbox One could be made to play Xbox 360 games, it could win the people back in droves, as the PlayStation 4 isn’t backwards compatible either.

Oh, and one more thing … the Kinect should still allow you to turn it off when you’re not using the Xbox One. Sure it’s a nifty and pretty awesome gadget, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, but it would still make most of us feel better knowing that the NSA isn’t using it to spy on us in our non-gaming hours.

How do you feel about Microsoft reversing its policies for the Xbox One? What else can they do to sway the opinion of the masses?