Watermelon Oreos Hit Stores This Summer

Watermelon Oreos have hit stores this summer and are available for purchase at Target.

The new Watermelon Oreos to hit the streets are not the first experimental limited edition Oreo cookies to be produced. Last Halloween, Nabisco released their Candy Corn-flavored Oreo; other wacky flavors like Strawberry Milkshake Oreos, Gingerbread Oreos, Lemon Twist Oreos, and Birthday Cake Oreos have also been produced as limited edition cookies in the past.

The new summer flavor will include the trademark vanilla cookie sandwich with a pink/green filling to resemble a watermelon. The new watermelon Oreos are causing quite a storm in the blogersphere.

JunkFoodGuy, who reviewed the new Oreos said: “As soon as I bit into one of these Limited Edition Watermelon Golden Oreos, I got an immediate light watermelon taste.  I’ll just say it right off the bat….I liked these.  A LOT.”

“These DIDN’T overwhelm me with artificial (well, overly artificial) watermelon flavor.  Instead the immediate taste I got was a watermelon taste that tasted like, frankly, it had been blended with creme.”

He continues: “So imagine a watermelon ice cream, emphasis on the cream.  Light and refreshing – sort of reminded me of  these old school watermelon ice cream cakes I’ve had in the past that looked like this. The Golden Oreo added a nice buttery sweetness to the whole thing.”

Watermelon Oreos are exclusively available from Target stores for $3 a package and already hit the shelves on June 10. The Oreo cookie enjoys massive popularity and is considered to be a retro product with almost a cult following. Oreo cookies also command a serious online presence and their Facebook page has over 33 million likes.

Time Magazine reports that Kimberly Fontes, A spokesperson from Oreo says: “We chose Watermelon because it is a fun, summer flavor that goes great with the Golden OREO cookie.”

It remains to be seen just how popular the new Watermelon Oreos will prove to be. Do you think the company should produce more experimental and interesting Oreo cookie flavors? Or are you a fan of the old school original Oreos? Let us know in your comments below.