‘Sexiest Video Ever’ on Facebook will install malware, spam your friends

An increasing number of Facebook groups seem to be promising to reveal a titillating secret if you only recruit your whole friends list or “upgrade your video player” with browser toolbar malware- remember “Disney’s Most Shocking Hidden Message” a few weeks ago?

The latest Facebook group you should avoid like the plague promises to reveal “without doubt the sexiest video ever! 😛 😛 :P,” boasting a “Candid Camera Prank [HQ]” and a frozen frame of giant, pink clad breasts. Internet security experts Sophos have posted about the spread of the link on Facebook, and not surprisingly, the link doesn’t lead to any sexy videos:

…according to reports from users it told them that their video player was out-of-date and urged them to download a file.

Users then report that the same video was posted (using their avatar and name as though they had posted the message) to their Facebook friends and acquaintances, thus spreading even more quickly.

Those who have attempted to join the group report that the download (mislabeled FLC.exe) actually installs the Hotbar malware program. If you’ve attempted to view the video, Sophos recommends running an anti-virus program and double-checking your Facebook settings.

Have you encountered this particular Facebook group? Are you seeing it promoted on your friends’ walls?