Vin Diesel: Facebook Owes Me Billions For Social Media Tips

Vin Diesel has a simple message for Facebook: You guys owe me big.

The star ofFast Furious 6 is one of the most popular people on Facebook, he has more than 41 million likes, and believes that he helped the network become the giant that it is today.

So what does Vin Diesel have to do with Facebook’s growth? Well, the movie star says that back in 2009 he was the first movie star to start interacting with his fans. Vin Diesel says that Facebook owes him billions because he was the first celebrity to reach out to the Facebook fan base.

Diesel said: “What Facebook didn’t realize is something very big was about to happen, and that was — for the first time in history, and it’s kind of a fluke they didn’t see this coming — when I jumped on that page in April 2009, I started talking to people. In the realest ways … So, when I had started my page, the only person that had a million fans was Barack Obama. Because it was first-quarter 2009, and he’d just got elected as President, because of social media. So, when I started talking to the fans, I became the No. 1 page in the world. Over Coca-Cola, over huge companies. And it was only because I said: ‘Hi, guys, I love you.'”

Vin Diesel’s initial Facebook success confused Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team. The actor said that he was actually called into Facebook headquarters to give them a social media lesson

Vin Diesel told Entertainment Weekly: “(They asked me) to come up to their office to explain what the f— I was doing, and why I had so many fans … Facebook really owes me billions of dollars … But whatever.”

Vin Diesel isn’t the number one name on Facebook anymore but he’s still extremely active on the social media site.

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