Xbox Infinity Fake Logo Hoax Fools Many, Xbox Fusion Or 720 Still Possible Names

The Xbox Infinity hoax fooled many even though the author of the fake logo made it quite clear it was not officially from Microsoft.

Most tech sites reporting the Xbox 720 rumor named Microsoft’s next generation console as either the Xbox Fusion or Xbox Infinity.

The fake Xbox Infinity logo was created by Reddit user C-Ron and was quickly picked up by many credible gaming websites. C-Ron noticed how his Xbox Infinity logo took on a life of its own:

“Discovered that everyone thinks a fake Xbox Infinity logo I made in Photoshop is the real deal. I didn’t react when I saw smaller websites using it, but when I saw Ars Technica and GameSpot use it, I facepalm’d.”

Still, some other Reddit users are claiming C-Ron is a Microsoft employee and that this “fake” Xbox Infinity logo might be a marketing ploy. Who knows. It’s the internet. Besides, what would Microsoft call the next-next generation console…the Xbox Infinity Plus One?

Both of the Xbox 720 name rumors still have some validity to them. The Xbox Infinity hoax began when C-Ron looked at the fact that Microsoft was registering Xbox 8 websites a while back. The fake Xbox Infinity logo interprets the number eight laying on its side as referring to the mathematical symbol for infinity. It’s also possible the Xbox 8 domain registrations might have something to do with the Xbox 720 rumor that has the console’s operating system supporting the Windows RT framework used to create Windows 8 apps.

The Xbox Fusion name seems more credible since Microsoft is buying up Xbox Fusion domain names. The Xbox Fusion name makes the most sense because of the Xbox Mini rumors which have two separate devices “fusing” functionality. The Xbox Mini supposedly operates like a Xbox TV, contains a miniaturized Xbox 360 SoC, and would connect to the Xbox Infinity, Fusion, 720, or whatever to provide backwards compatibility and other functionality.

Despite the Xbox Infinity hoax, Microsoft has announced it will have the official Xbox unveiling on May 21. For all we know, they’ll call it the Durango…

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