Kickstarter Campaign Aims To Make First-Person Shooters Feel More Natural

A new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to help make first-person shooters feel more natural.

There is no denying the draw of first-person shooters in the gaming world. Halo is pretty much an event every time it gets a sequel, Call of Duty will sate your appetite for World War II scenarios, and even Dead Island mostly takes the guns out of the first-person shooter concept. In a world where guns are getting more and more legislated, video games are the only place a gun aficionado can get their fix without hassle.

The Delta Six is a controller that could make police very nervous in the wake of the shootings around the transition between 2012 and 2013. The controller looks much like an assault rifle, potentially giving gamers a more natural feel in first-person shooters. Holding an actual gun could definitely add some realism to the game, provided they make it light-weight enough.

The controller being funded through Kickstarter will have you moving, reloading, zooming in and out, and obviously firing as you make your way through enemy territory.

As previously stated, the Delta Six will likely come under fire if politicians get a wind of it, as what originally required something that barely looked like a weapon (unless you’re Batman) can now be controlled by the use of something that actually looks like a gun. Some scenarios could be considered terrorist training in the wrong context. Imagine a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where you’re literally gunning down airport security with an assault rifle. The real thing wouldn’t be that much different, aside from actual people being shot.

Kickstarter‘s funding page for the Delta Six comes with a video showing how it works, as a woman suits up and then grabs what looks like a real assault rifle, loading a clip into it and aiming at the camera.

What do you think? Is the Delta Six controller from the Kickstarter campaign pushing the first-person shooter controller too far?

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