Jennifer Aniston’s Famous Haircut, The Rachel, Was Created By Stoned Stylist

Do you remember Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut, “The Rachel?” The 90’s hairstyle became a smash hit due to the popularity of the show Friends but it would have never been created if it wasn’t for one stoned hair stylist.

Chris McMillan, Aniston’s longtime stylists, said that he was completely baked when he created The Rachel. McMillan, who recently joined Aniston at Living Proof, said that he doesn’t smoke marijuana anymore but insisted that he was stoned when he created the classic layered look.

McMillan said: “I’m 14 years sober, so I feel safe enough to say that.”

The Rachel haircut nearly overshadowed Aniston during her days on Friends and the actress has admitted in the past that she wasn’t a big fan of the look.

Aniston said: “McMillan started that damn Rachel … I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. How did that thing have legs?”

Jennifer may not be a big fan of the haircut but it has opened some doors for the actress. Aniston recently became the spokesman for the hair care brand Living Proof.

Aniston said: “Who wants to be a part of a product you don’t believe in or don’t really use? I feel l have something to share with people that’s actually not going to fail on you in a month or two.”

Aniston has been adding new products to her portfolio in recent years and she’s planning on embarking on a few more business ventures. Aniston told Women’s Wear Daily: “I want to expand my world to businesses other than entertainment … I’m trying to figure out how to enter into that entrepreneurial area of my life.”

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