Harlem Shake Gone Wrong Almost Kills Participants, Goes Viral [Video]

Ever wondered what a “Harlem Shake gone wrong” video might entail?

As of this posting, May 9, 2013, the viral phenomenon known as the “Harlem Shake” seems to have peaked and died down some. But there are still entertaining videos coming out all the time, and it seems like some folks are willing to tempt fate itself for a shot at viral fame.

To wit, while we had a case of a “Harlem Shake” participant nearly burning himself to death in front of a giant bonfire in Germany, we now have a case where a group of performers almost blowing themselves up and burning their house down … for art.

The video, posted by RxJano to YouTube, shows three young folk in a packed garage surrounding a car with a red gasoline canister on the hood. Like all “Harlem Shake” videos, only one of the video’s stars are dancing at first as the music builds. The other two are standing nearby looking bored, while a woman inexplicably cackles in the background.

Then the beat drops, and everyone starts dancing as some kind of firecracker burns on the hood of the car. The flame spouts, causing someone behind the camera to scream, and two of the background dancers to vacate.

The guy in the front sort of takes off, but then decides “Wait, I must finish this … ” and continues performing as the car hood bursts into flames. Then he turns to face the hood as flames behind to die down, and …


The firecracker explodes, engulfing the hood and the gas can, and the final performer is down. You hear screaming and shrieking, and everyone is yelling at each other trying to put out the flames but alas, they only make it worse.

Of course it’s staged, but look at the bright side. That means you can laugh!

Watch the “Harlem Shake gone wrong” video below:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/nzMeVpZBRw0? width=”560? height=”315?]

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