‘Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate’ Confirmed For America, New Trailer [Video]

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has been confirmed for release in America, alongside a new trailer.

One of those come-from-behind hits that may actually be one of the best fighting games available for consoles at this point, Dead or Alive has proven itself. The franchise has survived partly due to its female fighters’ assets, and partly for its tried and true fighting engine. Dead or Alive has spawned several sequels and even a volleyball spinoff, and shows no signs of slowing down. The fighting system, borrowed from Dead or Alive 4, is a sort of advanced “rock paper scissors” style where certain types of moves will always cancel out others, and all counters cause extra damage.

The trailer released today for DoA5 Ultimate showcases Momiji facing off with series favorite Kasumi. Her fighting style, which appears intact from Ninja Gaiden, includes grapples and counters, and she proves to be just as big a threat as anyone else.

The Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailer also shows off a new stage as well as a new outfit for Lei Fang. This may suggest that the cast of fighters are getting new outfits or possibly a Volleyball-style dress-up option. The very end of the trailer has the currently missing Leon walking in the desert, indicating that he may be coming back in DOA5 Ultimate.

The trailer begins with Momiji knocking down a giant statue before the Tecmo logo appears. We then see her getting ready to fight before the Team Ninja logo appears. Then we see the fight begin as the character intros play out. The fight features a lot of uppercuts and power kicks, slams to the turf, and even a crotch to face takedown. The statue starts attempting to interrupt the fight, slamming a hand on the stage. Then the action goes into slow motion and the statue is seen falling.

What do you think of the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailer and announcement?

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