Lohan Can’t Leave Betty Ford Clinic For 90 Days

Lindsay Lohan managed to avoid jail, but that doesn’t mean that she’s exactly free. Lohan can’t leave the Betty Ford Clinic for the next 90 days or she’ll risk the wrath of another judge.

The Betty Ford Clinic wrote a letter to Lohan’s lawyers today saying that their client won’t be allowed to leave the campus until she finishes her rehab. The rehab center said that it could not forcefully hold Lohan against her will but did say that it would carefully track her whereabouts.

The letter reads: “It is understood by the Betty Ford Center that your client is to remain on the premises for the duration of her 90-day stay in treatment.”

A counselor at the rehab center told People Magazine that Betty Ford does not hold people against their will and that Lohan could, if she wants to risk jail time, walk off the campus. But, if Lohan wants to complete her rehab and put her legal troubles behind, then she can’t leave the rehab center for the next 90 days.

The counselor said: “We can’t hold a patient against their will, we can’t stop a patient from running away. We’re not a jail … But we closely monitor patients via security and technicians 24 hours a day.”

Lohan also won’t be able to use her cellphone during rehab. Patients are occasionally allowed to use the clinic’s phone. Lohan will also get to use the internet on weekends.

Do you think Lohan will be able to complete her rehab?

Lohan can’t leave the Betty Ford campus but she still can smoke her cigarettes and use Adderall. TMZ reports that the doctors at the clinic will be double checking Lohan’s prescription to make sure that she was accurately diagnosed with ADHD.

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