Spike Lee Video Bombs Reggie Miller, Gets Revenge After 18 Years

Spike Lee video bombed Reggie Miller last night, exacting his revenge on the former NBA player after nearly 18 years.

Sure, that’s a little dramatic. But so are Miller and Lee. Or at least they were.

The NBA player and the avid Knicks fan famously feuded with each other during Miller’s career. Miller, who starred on the Indiana Pacers, is regarded as one of the best trash talkers in NBA history and Miller’s insults weren’t reserved for NBA players. He also occasionally argued with court-side fans.

During the 1994 playoffs, Reggie Miller put on a memorable performance (including scoring 8 points in 11 seconds) at Madison Square Garden. The Indiana Pacers were playing the New York Knicks at the time but Miller was playing against Spike Lee.

After nearly every basket Reggie shouts something over in Lee’s direction. The director even steps out onto the court at one time.

Reggie and Spike don’t really have any bad blood toward each other anymore so you can’t really call Spike Lee’s video bomb revenge. Still, it definitely adds another little moment in their long history.

Here’s the video of Spike Lee video bombing Reggie Miller last night.

Here’s the video of Miller and Lee fighting during the 1994 playoffs.

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