‘SNL’ Alum Victoria Jackson Moves To Tennessee To Combat Mosques

Murfeesboro, TN – Some Tennessee residents (myself included) are wondering what they did to deserve Victoria Jackson, Saturday Night Live’s most controversial alum.

Victoria Jackson of “Hey, why isn’t there a White History Month?” and “Mass shooters are just practicing Darwinism” fame announced on her Facebook page that she has relocated to the Volunteer State.

“I disappeared for awhile because my family just moved to TN!! I love it so much! Smack dab in the buckle of the Bible belt. I’m gonna fight the Murfreesboro Mosque and Agenda 21 because I love this land, God’s country. One of my neighbors keeps his horse in his front yard! I love that! I saw a cardinal, a bunny, a bird’s nest and a calf in the middle of the highway. I’m in heaven!”

Once known for her six-year run on Saturday Night Live, the former comedienne has recently become a huge presence on social media, mostly due to her political viewpoints. She particularly dislikes Islam and the Obama administration.

Her quip about a Murfreesboro Mosque is in reference to a pretty heated local issue. A new mosque opened here last year after a federal court intervened but had been fought in local courts by Anti-Muslim groups who didn’t want Islam to be promoted as a religion in Tennessee.

Her quip about Agenda 21 references the United Nations agreement to support sustainable development. Conservatives generally oppose Agenda 21, arguing that it violates personal property rights and renders local governments moot.

The Tennesseannotes that it’s not entirely clear whether Jackson is actually living in Murfreesboro from her Facebook page, but I’ll let you know if I run into her at The Avenue.

[Image via: David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons]

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