‘Infinite Crisis’ Open Beta Closes As We Meet The Joker [Video]

Infinite Crisis has closed their open beta, but has released a champion profile for one of DC Comics’ most loved villains, the Joker.

Previously, we revealed the champion profiles for Gaslight Batman and Doomsday in the DC Comics MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Infinite Crisis. The gameplay looks like a cross between Diablo 3 and Power Stone, with arcade-style character battles and a depth of tactics involved with each character’s abilities.

The open beta has been closed, and developer Turbine is sending out keys to everyone who registered for the free-to-play Infinite Crisis. As the ultimate public reveal looms ever closer, we have been treated to the clown prince of crime and Batman’s nemesis, the Joker.

The champion profile for the Joker from Infinite Crisis begins with a multiple window intro including footage of the man himself. The narrator starts in, “A brilliant crime lord armed to the teeth, Joker will make you laugh, then cry. Joker uses his oversized pistol and deadly contraptions to damage and disrupt his opponents all while keeping a safe distance.”

We see the Joker dancing around with his trademark insane smile, launching what looks like a rocket-powered balloon at someone offscreen. Then we are shown the advantages of his skills, “Gains passive power damage and power lifesteal. Effect doubled if enemy or ally dies near Joker.” Much like previous champion profiles, this is the first of several skills at the Joker’s disposal.

The narrator continues:

“Passive is sadist, granting bonuses in both power damage and power lifesteal. The effect is doubled when an enemy or ally dies near Joker. Mister Punchy unleashes a massive punching glove rocket, which travels a medium distance, and damages and stuns the first enemy it hits. Surprise throws out a box, which lands and then explodes, dealing moderate power damage and releasing four small snapping teeth. The teeth chase nearby enemy champions, dealing a small amount of damage and slowing the opponent.”

The rest of the champion profile for the Joker is above.

Did you register for Infinite Crisis‘ open beta in time? What do you think of the champion profile for the Joker?

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